RGM’s 801 Corps of Engineers Watch

RGM 801-COE "Corps of Engineers"

When you’re shopping for watches you’ll find the middle of the road, $300 to $1000 Watches, are mostly Japanese. Walk into any Macy’s or any other mid-tier retailer and look at the watches, the ones that are in the display case (Not the shit that they throw out on the floor for $25.) You’ll find they are most likely made in Japan.

Now say you want get a higher end watch. You’ll still see some Japanese made watches, but more likely you’ll find Swiss made watches, especially as you get to watches over $10,000. It’s because the Swiss excel at watchmaking. Their watches are the top of the line. They really know what the hell they are doing. Rolex is maybe the most well know Swiss brand but there are a ton more. What you won’t find much of are American made watches. 945c204b9f86c5b8b34e8e2e83f35eaf90306b4e76ec300a62

America used to be in the watch game. Up to the 1960’s, America churned out a lot of watches and clocks. However cheaper labor elsewhere killed watch manufacturing in the USA. But like the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes, American watch making is making a comeback.

RGM Watch Company was founded in 1992 by American watchmaker Roland G. Murphy.  RGM makes a damn fine watch. They are right up there with Rolex, Omega, etc. And the best part is the whole watch, including the movement, is made in America. A small town in Lancaster County, PA to be exact.

Their latest watch is the 801 Corps of Engineers Watch. The watch is based on the US Corps of Engineers watches from WWI. The problem these days with making an original Corps of Engineer watch, is that they had real glass enamel dials. This is very rare in today’s watches, and can’t be imitated.  So RGM decided to just recreate the process of how the originals were made.

Their site states it better than I can:

Creating an enamel watch dial is a high-risk art. Enameling is a technique in which colored powdered glass is applied to a metal plate. The surface is then heated to a temperature high enough to cause the powdered glass to melt and form a new surface. The Grand Feu technique ups the stakes. The repeated baking of successive layers of enamel at extremely high temperatures ensures a uniquely crisp aesthetic while permanently setting the enamel. Using such high heat to create these beautiful dials also poses a risk: each time it is re-fired, the danger of cracking, melting or burning increases. With great risk comes great reward – the appearance of a real glass enamel dial is unmistakable.

RGM 801-COE "Corps of Engineers" Back

The time and skill that goes into this watch, as well as RGM’s Calibor 801, their original in-house American movement, means a high price tag. But if you have the means I would highly recommend one for your wrist.

$9700.00 – $10,450.00



Troubadours Wood Headphones

Wood Headphones

I’ll admit that I’m not a headphone user. Those stupid earbuds that come with the iPhone always fall out of my ears. It’s not the design of the earbuds themselves, it’s just that my ears must be shaped weird. So when I’m running, I’m constantly putting them back in my ears until I finally say the Hell with it and take them out. And other ones feel like I’m shoving them way too far into my ear canal to be safe.

The only other time I listen to music is in my car, or if I’m sitting at my computer. However, if I was a headphone user I would use these reclaimed wood headphones by LSTN called Troubadours. I like the rustic natural look of them. In my opinion they’re a lot prettier than plastic. And because of the variance in wood grain each one will look a little different in appearance.

Wood Headphones

So the scoop on these babies, is that they are, like I said, made of Ebony, Cherry, Zebra or Beech reclaimed wood, with a plush ear cups. Plus they have unpluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs.

And to help with possible buyer’s remorse because you spent your electric bill money on them, LSTN will donate a portion of each purchase to the non-profit Starkey Foundation.

Reviews are pretty positive. One reviewer state that the headphones are good quality with wonderful acoustics.


TAGHeuer developing Smart Watch

TAGHeuer Monaco Watch
TAGHeuer Monaco Watch

TAGHeuer is developing a smartwatch, after realizing that it stands to make gobs of money. Apple is probably going to be selling millions of iWatches over the next couple of years, and it makes perfect sense for a high end watch company to at least dip it’s toes in the smartwatch water.

High end watch manufacturers have been dismissive of the smartwatch, saying that it is a fad, and that LVMH, the French multinational luxury goods conglomerate, CEO Jean-Claude Biver has stated that the Apple Watch was “too feminine.” And that it appears to be “designed by a student in their first trimester.”

Well, money can certainly change attitudes. I predict more luxury watch brands will be churning out smartwatches, most likely with the help of Google.

Could a Rolex/Google watch be down the road? Time will tell.

Uno Noteband

Uno Noteband

I don’t have much information on the upcoming wearable “Uno Noteband“, but it popped up in my Facebook feed, so I looked into it.

From what I can understand, the Uno displays your messages on your wrist using Spritz technology.  Spritz tech is a reading compression technology which shows text in one-word increments in rapid succession. So instead of getting your messages on your smart phone, you can just look down at your wrist and speed read by using something they call “Optimal Recognition Point” in each word.

According to the Spritz website, “When reading, only around 20 percent of your time is spent processing content. The remaining 80 percent is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word and scanning for the next ORP. With Spritz we help you get all that time back.”

That sounds pretty good to me. It’s also a fitness tracker, but first and foremost it’s about making incoming notifications easier to process.  And it has support for gamers, who can see notifications from friends, alerts and invitations from the likes of Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam.

Uno is strictly a read only device, so if you want to respond, you’ll have to pull out your smart phone.

I’ll post more information as it comes available.

Brushed Stainless Steel Pebble Smart Watch

pebble watchThe brushed stainless steel Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices is arguably one of the finest looking smart watches on the market. I’ve heard people complain about looking like a dork with other smart watch selections, but the Pebble is cool and sleek, and pretty much looks like a really nice watch.

The big reason for a smart watch is the ease it takes to read incoming texts and other notifications, without have to actually take your phone out of your pocket. Many circumstances this can be rude or otherwise frowned upon, such as a meeting, movie, a date, etc.

The Pebble makes it easy to read notifications using e-paper technology, which allows users to read notifications in full sun light, unlike some other smart phones. Plus there are a ton of apps to download, too many to list here, but a few include  weather ujpdates, stock alerts, train schedules, and so on and so on.

One of the best things I like about the Pebble is the ability to change the watch face. There are over a 1,000 different Pebble watch face options. I’m a watch guy, so I want my smart watch to look like I’m wearing a regular watch, and with Pebble I can do just that.

The Pebble is also waterproof up to 165 feet, so no need to take it off before swimming. And you won’t have to worry about sweat or rain destroying it.

And like most smart watches, the Pebble connects wirelessly via Bluetooth with iOS and Android devices. It last up to 7 days on one charge.

Brushed Steel Pebble Watch Reviews

Most reviews of the Pebble are positive. Most reviewers like that the watch is water proof, making it a hardy choice for swimmers, as well as people who shower and hit the sauna while wearing their watch. Plus others like the fact that the brushed steel watch doesn’t look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but rather a nice high end watch. And the gorilla glass is impossible to scratch.

Most of all users like the ease of checking messages while driving or sitting in meetings, without having to take out their cell phones. And the ability to read email, see incoming calls, calendars and a host of great apps on their wrist.

So, overall the Brushed Metal Pebble gets superior reviews. On Amazon it gets, it gets 4 stars out of 5 stars, out of 154 customer reviews.

Notion Smarthome Sensors

Notion is smart home device I heard about over at Werd. Notion lets you monitor what is going on in your home, via your smart phone, for things like the levels of your propane tank, water leaks, or if someone is trying to get into your gun safe.

Each purchase of Notion Smart Home includes a Hub, a Multi-function sensor, capable of detecting 8 customized actions and an app for iOS and Android.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, the Notion has 7 advaced sensors:

Accelerometer can tell you if your garage door is opened
Ambient light sensor knows if lights have been left on when they shouldn’t be
Gyroscope measures if a door or window opens
Temperature sensor can tell you if your HVAC system is down by detecting if the temperature of your house is getting too hot or cold
Piezoelectric transducer measures natural frequency and tells you things like how full a propane tank is or if a smoke alarm is going off
Proximity sensor will alert you if a gun safe is opened
Water leak probes instantly alerts you the second there is a leak

Check out their Kickstarter for more information.

The Badge by NOVO is a Cool and Unique Watch

NOVO makes some very interesting watches, which I’ve covered before on this blog. They really have a knack on breaking the common watch mold.

Take their new watch, The Badge. It’s design is simple, and there is beauty in it’s minimalism. Nothing fancy or gaudy. Nothing is making the watch look crowded with a bunch of functions. Just a very nice looking timepiece that happens to very tough. I myself like the white watch face with the black band, but the other colors are striking as well.

The way it tells times is best told by the video I’ve embedded below. It’s doesn’t use the conventional hour and minute hands, but it is easily readable just the same.

The Badge is a Kickstarter project, so if you’re interested in contributing head over to their Kickstarter page.

Wahoo TICKR X Lightweight Activity Tracker

This one is for the person who can’t afford to wearing anything that is going to slow down their workout. The Wahoo TICKR X is a light weight activity tracker that can work with or without a phone. And it’s specifically designed for the hardcore crossfit, swimmer and/or runner.

The TICKR X is super light. When you want to use the TICKR X in device-free mode, you can capture a lot of useful information, including heart rate, calorie burn, workout duration, for 16 hours before it runs out of it’s charge. You can then auto sync your workout to your phone.

The TRICKR also includes something called Running Smoothness. A built in accelerometer is used to measure your running form, including ground contact time and vertical Oscillation. When added to Wahoo’s Running Smoothness algorithm, it gives a 360 degree view of your running form. All of this is to improve your performance over time, ie. fat burning, run faster, run better.

The heart rate monitor features the ability to mark points to review after the workout. A double tap will sends a signal to the TICKR X to vibrate when the marker has been made.

$99.99 and is available now.

BMS Heritage Zhen Built Scooter is a Retro Dream


Although it’s not a classic Vespa or Aprilla, the BMS Heritage Zhen Built Gas Scooter sure looks like one with it’s classic Italian look.

The new 150cc BMS Heritage 150 Moped Scooter looks and drives nice with contemporary technology and design. I love the chrome engine cover and aluminum footboard. It even has polished rims. The bike also has some modern touches to it, like a remote start, and an anti-theft device.

With a 150cc engine, your going places quickly with 60mph speed capability. And 90 mpg, forget about filling about the tank for awhile. And that’s what I really like about scooters. You really don’t need a car to run a few miles down the road to get a six pack. Just jump on the scooter and go.
I’m all about saving a buck, and since this is in my buying radar, I found that right now MotoBuys is sending them out with free shipping, and including in each sale the following:

  • Free helmet
  • Free riding gloves
  • Free motorcycle lock
  • Free leather bomber jacket

A few other things that make this scooter stand out are a dual starting system, hydraulic ABS disc brakes, upgraded suspension system. It’s The fully automatic transmission, and for peace of mind it has an emergency shut off.

I’ve really got myself wanting to test drive one today.

Custom Louis Vuitton Honda Ruckus

Honda Ruckus Custom Scooter

The Honda Ruckus is rugged as far as scooters go. That’s probably one of the reasons that it is so popular. Plus it saves tons of gas of course.

I love the styling of this bike. It’s on my list of “wants” over the next year. It’s very cool looking.

A scooter shop called in California, called Rucksters Customs, went a step further though, and customized one, by switching out the seat and replacing the engine. They took out the standard 49cc motor and put in a much more powerful 150cc GY6, which must really increase the scooter’s performance, as it’s under 200 pounds. But, that’s not all, they decorated the vehicle with Louis Vuitton inspired ‘Du Pont ‘Champagne’ accents and colors. How’s that for stylish?

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