Handmade Retro Looking WatchThis is a really cool retro looking watch. The leather strap, the studded leather band and watch face make it look vintage. However it’s new, and it very inexpensive. It’s from Stan Watches, and they have a lot of cool designs at their site. So if retro is your thing, go check them out. $42... Read more »
Homo Sapien Chalkboard SkullHave something you need to remember and need to write it down? Transfer the thought from your head to another. The Homo Sapien chalkboard skull is from Chicago-based artists Sarah and Joseph Belknap. The skulls are each handmade rotocasting durable urethane plastic and finished with chalkboard paint. Which by the way is a great way... Read more »
Hot Wheels Customization PhotographyThe kid in me has never stopped loving Hot Wheels Diecast cars, and the adult in me realizes the closest I’m going to come to owning a Shelby is a Hot Wheels Car. And although I love looking through car blogs at the latest and greatest machines hitting the roads, there’s something beautiful about the... Read more »
“It Come Back to You is from Christopher Owens” debut album “Lysandre.” He was previously the singer and songwriter for Girls. is an American singer, songwriter, and musician. He is best known as the frontman and songwriter for the now-disbanded indie rock band Girls.
Hugo Kant, also known as Quentin Le Roux, is a French multi-instrumentist/producer, and making the rounds is one his songs, “The Event Log” from the upcoming “The Point Of No Return” LP. The song is a catchy funk indie number, featuring on vocals Kathrin deBoer. The song is upbeat and has a nice groove to... Read more »
The Best Coffee Maker You Can AffordMr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker How about a coffee maker that cost less than $40, but has built-in water filtration, delay brew settings, brew strength options, 2-hour auto shutdown for energy savings, and a special cleaning cycle? That sounds good to me, and it did to Consumer Reports as well, who said it was #1... Read more »
Why We Ride DocumentaryWHY WE RIDE – The Official Theatrical Trailer from WHY WE RIDE FILM on Vimeo. This documentary on the people who enjoy riding motorcycles looks really happy and uplifting. Focusing on the people who have the motorcycling bug inside them, and their excitement for riding. You can stream from Vimeo and Amazon. Check out the... Read more »
Scooter InsuranceI live in the Midwest, I ride my scooter at best March through October every year. I don’t feel like I can do much damage on my scooter, except to myself. So do I need scooter insurance? First off having insurance of any kind is good to have. You may just have to have liability... Read more »