Photos of the First Generation BMW M3I’ve always been impressed by the BMW brand, especially having owned one for several years. I would say that one of my favorites is the BMW M3. Even the older models have kept their cool image. And although I like them all, I have an infinity for the M3′s made between 1986 and 1991. These... Read more »
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the booze hound in your life, who also has a knack for DIY projects? Buy them a small one gallon copper moonshine kit from Clawhammer Supply. Soon you and your friend will be sipping moonshine, getting tanked out of your gourds. What Clawhammer does is ship you all... Read more »
Cool T-Shirt Designs from Little MountainJoe Horacek is the owner and operator of Little Mountain Print Shoppe, a print shop that produces high quality prints using traditional tools such as graphite, water color paints, charcoal, markers and various brush tip sizes, to create great looking shirts using simple illustrations and interesting typography. Check out his store here.
The Duffle coat, known for it’s toggles rather than buttons, dates it’s beginnings back to the British Royal Navy who issued it in WWI. Later, Field Marshal Montgomery wore one to stand out among the troops. This made the Duffle very popular among the Brits. After the war tons of military surplus coats had most... Read more »
The NOVO Unknown watch with a solid steel square face that comes in black or white. And as you can see, it looks nothing like an ordinary watch. It’s missing the traditional hour and minute hands, but in their place is a highly creative way to tell the time, which I can’t describe any better... Read more »