This 3-in-1 solar powered charger from Chinavasion for $27.94 not only charges your gadgets, but can play MP3’s, and acts as a FM Transmitter as well. The charger comes with a free 2GB microSD card, but it can hold 32GB. Pretty cool, plus your helping the environment. Winning! via Ubergizmo
The  YouRock MIDI Electric Guitar is a full-fledged MIDI controller, which are usually in keyboard form. This is great if you’re a pianist, but not so great when you are a guitar player trying to get a riff from your brain into your computer. Now just hook the YouRock to your multi-track recording or sequencing software,... Read more »
A simple bottle opener handmade from dark walnut wood the curve of your hand. A sturdy nail pops the top of your favorite beverage, and a concealed magnet catches the loose cap. With another magnet for storing on the fridge or wherever. Buy @ Uncommon Goods.
Home media players are becoming somewhat inexpensive with more and more features. However it’s tough to decide which one is for you. has made a nice chart of current digital media players, and what each offers. Home media players are becoming somewhat inexpensive with more and more features. However it’s tough to decide which... Read more »
For the love of Etsy these recycled cufflinks are cool. Made from rare 1000 typewriter keys, they have polished and stuck to sterling silver backing. You are probably saying, yeah they might be cool, but I don’t wear suits buddy. Well, someday no matter how anti-establishment you are, you’re going to a wedding, funeral, and... Read more »
Got an iPad and a love of the sound of old vinyl records? Great, because now you can download an app call VinylLove that takes your, as close to the studio as you can get, music and fills it with pops and clicks. Basically making sound as if it’s playing on an old record player.... Read more »
Ah, look at how cute that psychotic orange looks, getting ready for a night of a little ultra-violence. And maybe a little of the old in and out during a home invasion. This funny print will give your friends who are Stanley Kubrick fans a chuckle. $22.88
My favorite watches these days are the Android watches. I picked this one because it’s really unique. And you’re going to get attention for wearing it. Maybe not the kind of attention you want, as in hot girls. No, probably more like old X-Files fans and other assorted UFO nuts. But attention is attention, and... Read more »
Vat19 is advertising a 26 inch long Gummy Worm. And it’s not erotically weird at all. Not even the guy holding it with both hands in the photo above. And why would you not want a 26 inch Gummy Worm? You don’t like candy? Maybe you don’t like long and thick super sized candy that’s... Read more »